Parents live-stream 4-year-old reading 100 books in one day

A Chicago 4-year-old read 100 books in one day and the youngster's literary odyssey was live-streamed online by his parents.
Caleb Green read a total 100 books on Saturday, pausing after every 10th book to do a little dance, while his father, Sylus Green, live-streamed video on Facebook.
The parents said the reading marathon was Caleb's idea and they were initially skeptical, but he breezed through the tomes without showing any signs of slowing.
"I was like, '100, son? That's a lot of books.' So at first, I had the gut reaction to talk him down a little bit but he was like, 'No, I want to read 100,'" Sylus Green told WLS-TV.
Green said he learned a valuable lesson from his son's accomplishment.
"I learned to just dream bigger and I am going to set unrealistic goals for myself this coming year and I'm going to be inspired by Caleb to not quit on him and just push through it," he said. "I want to be a basketball player. When I am 22 I want to be an astronaut and when I'm 23 I want to be a Ninja Turtle."

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